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USS Newark C-1 Protected Cruiser

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The protected cruiser USS Newark C-1 was the first modern cruiser of the U.S. Fleet.
It was steampowered by two 8,500 IHP triple expansion engines.
But it also had full sails (maybe for longer trips because of small coal capacity or so).
The USS Newark C-1 was commissioned 1891 and decommissioned 1913.

This model is something like a reconstruction.
It is built from a few old photographs only. I had no plans of the Newark available.
Because the photographs did not cover every part of the ship there may be differences between the model and the historical ship.
So I can not guarantee the models authenticity!

The models true polycount is only about 395,000
but it will rise up to 1,600,000 while rendering because of the 3,200 spline segments
that will be handled as polygons then!

format: max6
geometry: polygons + splines
polygons: 395,000 (1,600,000)
vertices: 210,000

The USS Newark C-1 model was the 2nd place winner at 3DM-MC's Millitary-Modeling Contest 2004.